Corporate Wellness

Our virtual seminars and sessions are made just for you!

Support your employees’ health and happiness to increase productivity and cultivate a workplace where everyone wants to be!
I offer virtual workshops and meditations to groups and corporations of all sizes. Each talk and demonstration is tailored to meet your time and support needs.

Mindfulness practices support mental health and constructive communication.

Kinesiology supports positive ergonomic habits to relieve and prevent pain.

Reiki clears the pathways of our subtle bodies and opens our chakras to maintain increased well-being.

Contact us to create the wellness package that best suits your needs!


Postural Awareness

Pain Relief


Mindfulness Coaching





Book Studies

My bachelors in Creative Writing couples with my mindfulness and consciousness studies to support my facilitation of deep reading of self-reflection and self-help books. I often run studies on the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and would happily facilitate any other self-evolution or social justice books.