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Experience something different than your typical massage. Receive three therapeutic sessions created specifically to address your healing needs. Find relief from the pain, stress, and discomfort of everyday living. Therapeutic massage and bodywork treats soft-tissue discomfort and supports creating and maintaining balance in mind, body, and spirit. In the free 30-minute consultation included in your first session, Veda will assess your needs and create a treatment plan to carry you forward into comfortable living.

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What clients are saying about their Rooted Arts experience

“Last year I found myself in some severe back pain. I immediately made appointments with my chiropractor and after finding little relief I added tens stimulation but continued to suffer through the pain. Someone recommended I reach out to Veda and I am forever grateful I listened and made an appointment with her. The visit with Veda was very relaxing and I felt in good hands the entire time. It’s important to feel at ease when you are with a person who will be touching you and I can assure you that anyone would feel very comfortable in her space and presence. With just one visit, the amount of pain relief I found within the days following the massage was incredible and I would not have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself. Veda is a master at her trait. I have not stopped raving about her and always recommend her services to anyone complaining of sudden body aches or chronic pain.”
Katja – Easton, PA

“Let me begin by saying that Veda and I have been friends for a number of years. She has been reliable and giving throughout our friendship, but it was only recently that I had discovered that she is also a miracle worker.

I had been suffering chronic neck pain and a lack of mobility since my very early twenties and more recently added to that muscle spasms and what presented itself as a pinched nerve. This made my right arm go numb when my neck was in certain positions. During my first session, it was often painful simply laying on the table. Veda was patient and understanding and worked around my hindrances. After my first session with Veda, I already noticed an improvement to all of my symptoms. This only advanced further with each visit. I now live a pain free life for the first time since I was a teenager, and being forty, that is a significant triumph. Veda’s techniques may be a little unconventional, but the results speak for themselves. She has a clear understanding of the human anatomy and the causality of the body’s afflictions. I would highly recommend Veda to anyone.”

Ryan – Easton, PA

Our Testimonials


“When my mom was battling cancer, Veda performed a reflexology foot massage on her in my mom’s home. It was the first time in several days that my mom had gotten relief from pain and she actually fell asleep peacefully that day after the massage. Having witnessed it firsthand was like seeing an actual miracle take place before my eyes. I am a firm believer in Veda’s ability to deliver not only professional services, but expert healing as well.”

Sarah – Forks Twp, PA


“Because of Veda’s incredible knowledge of various modalities and her sensitivity to what would best help me heal, I am basically ruined for any other masseuse! Not only is her actual work attentive, healing, and nurturing, but the advice she offers to help you maintain a healthful alignment is wonderful. Whenever I have an issue I see her first and whenever I just need to unwind she is my number one. I recommend her without hesitation to everyone because I have never found a masseuse as caring, informed, and dedicated as she is- and it shows!”

Colette – Easton, PA


“Veda is amazing with her hands!!! Her studio is clean along with a warm energy. I have been receiving body work from Veda for years now and would absolutely recommend her! I have experienced reflexology, full body massage work and recently had prenatal work done as well. She has a way of bringing a calmness to your soul while she works through different areas of your body.”

Chloe – Bethlehem, PA

In response to Covid-19, Veda has moved her therapeutic practice online.

In-Person appointments are not available at this time. To find out more about online sessions, click the link below.

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