Through her understanding of the mechanics of body movements, Veda supports clients in exploring postural patterns and finding relief from physical discomfort. Veda guides clients through mindful movement, stretching, and self massage techniques to release current pain and supports clients in finding ways to adjust their environments and movement habits to avoid future flare ups.

The following are some examples of tips and techniques for keeping your body comfortable and free from pain.

Mindfulness Coaching

Veda supports her coaching clients in welcoming mindfulness into each aspect of their life. Mindful communicating, feeling, and being increase experiences of Joy and Well-Being. Practices like present moment awareness, visualization, and meditation support clients in creating the space to discard the habits that no longer serve them and embrace the new practices that will.

The following are some examples of tips and techniques to begin or strengthen your mindfulness practice.


Veda has worked with various energetic modalities since she was a child exploring ritual and spirituality. She has been providing Reiki sessions since being attuned in 2003. Energy work supports releasing and healing from the traumas that we have stored in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Veda uses a combination of visualization, meditation, and intentioned distance healing to support her clients in shedding any blocks they have accumulated in the flow of their personal Chi.

The following is an example of the techniques Veda uses to support Reiki sessions.